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Dan Kirschner

I started drawing at the age of 53 at the end of 2008. Up to that time I was involved in various business activities primarily as a company director.
My first hands-on experience was a course I took at The Hampstead School of Art. My teacher, Eithne Healy, managed to inspire me and to cause me, for the first time to express feelings through the media of charcoal, ink and paint.
My wife and I live in the UK but we travel a lot to Israel, where we were born.
It was in Israel, in January 2009, that I took the first drawing course. Anat Shamai guided me through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Since then Anat is my art guide and mentor.
While I am in the UK, I try to participate in weekly lessons by Nigel Caple at The Hampstead School of Art.

I enjoy painting and drawing. I am very new to artistic activity and therefore I am enjoying the discovery of new elements, openings and experiences each time I hold a drawing tool in my hand. In particularly I feel exhilaration when the hand takes emotional command directly from the eyes with no use of the rational parts of the brain. A prime example of this can be found in some of the drafts to my works.

As a couple, my wife and I like to travel. During our tours I may be inspired by a place or a phenomenon. Many times I would sketch something in my book and take a photo. Later I would develop it into a painting in the studio.

In July 2010 I joined The Barnet Guild of Artists. My first exhibition was with the guild during July 2010. Since than I participated in most annual exhibitions of the guild.

In December 2010, for about six months I took weekly lessons at Bettina Caro studio. During those lessons I tried to develop my skills of drawing portraits.

As of June 2011 I take weekly lessons in life drawing classes run by Vivienne Rodwell-Davies.

In 2012 I took a break of my drawing activities. In June 2014 I started drawing again. It Feels GREAT!

As of 2015 I found music to be a powerful source of inspiration for my work, channelling the feelings and thoughts evoked by music into visual art. In doing so, I seeks to re-create the excitement and emotion of listening to music, which I expresses through vivid colours and shapes.

In January 2016 I held my first solo exhibition at The Foyer Gallery in Borehamwood, UK.

In November 2018 I hold my 2nd solo exhibition Music To My Eyes. At the exhibition I invite the visitors to experience the process of creating my musically-influenced paintings. Alongside several of my paintings that will be on display, viewers will have the opportunity to listen to the musical masterpieces which influenced my work and to witness the transformation of sound into image. . A short promo for the exhibition can be found here

Dan Kirschner

I would like to extend my thanks to Gil who built this site for me.

November 2018